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TOWE/ Factory to Retail, The Intelligen Mildew-Proof service Provider A Service Platform that provide brand upgrading for the consumable industry

Fujian TOWE Biological Technology Co.,Ltd

Under the circumstances of the new era big data,5G IOF(Internet of things), Fujian TOWE biotechnology company is an artificial intelligence, systematic, data-based and informatization smart high-tech company ,which located in Jinjiang city-China’s shoes brand capital. AS social motto "love and respect", based on the concept “pursuing the material and spiritual happiness of all employees”,making contributions to the progress and development of the industry and society;”creating value for the mind”, TOWE constantly creating "new technology", "new upgrade" and "new value" from raw materials, manufacturers and customer terminals, and mainly provides brand value upgrading service for shoes, clothing bags, food, building materials, machinery and other consumer goods at present.

Brand Declaration/

“The future ,Hand it over to us ,We‘ve always been there.” is the declaration issued by TOWE to the society to show the strong will of the company. TOWE will full play the company's comprehensive strength to open up and build the value that The Times and market demand with unique technology and perspective. The solutions we provide to customers are customized after approval to ensure to generate the maximum and most sustainable value with the lowest cost, the most suitable way and products.

Company Philosophy/ 

Creating an industry standard sharing platform requires mutual respect and love. The earliest history of the character “&” dates back to the first century AD, when it was written in Latin as a conjunction with et (and). It’s logic language, which logically means that both belong together and pursue for the stability, harmony and continuity. As a symbolic color, combine the rich symbol of eternal blue with the environmental protection greeen.


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