• TOWE New Nano Desiccant
TOWE New Nano Desiccant

TOWE New Nano Desiccant

The new nanometer desiccant is environmental protection desiccant with natural plant fiber as hygroscopic carrier.High adsorption performance and adsorption activity under room temperature and general humidity condition.


1.100% Natural degradation, no pollution of the environment

2.The saturated moisture absorption rate reaches 300% of its own weight, which is more than 10 times that of ordinary desiccant

3.Packaging material select strong air permeability of cotton paper,which are toughness, puncture resistance, corrosion resistance, antistatic

4.Moisture control time up to more than 90 days, and the moisture absorption process is irreversible, not affected by high temperature to produce water spitting phenomenon

5.(25℃,RH=100%) Static dehumidification and odor removal effect


1. Put one or more packets of hydrophilic biochemical desiccant in the package and seal the package as soon as possible

2. After use, please dispose it together with ordinary waste without special recycling

3. It degrades naturally in a month in the soil


Textiles, leather products, electronic products, metal accessories, food, medicine and medical equipment


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