• TOWE Cationic Mildew Proof Paper
TOWE Cationic Mildew Proof Paper

TOWE Cationic Mildew Proof Paper

Cationic anti - mildew paper is in the same shape with the common copy paper,The effective measure of cationic mildew proof paper and its products is to add mildew proof agent directly in the papermaking process,Make anti - mildew agent play a long-term role in preventing paper and its products mildew from its production to use.



1.Mildewproof factor permanently indirectly on the packaging surface

2.Mechanical principle punctures the cell membrane of mold

3.Does not cause chemical adaptation of molds(drug resistance)

4.Eco-friendly ,completely recycled and easy to use.



According to different packaging methods, Adjust the size of cationic mildewproof paper according to the different packing methods, make sure the mildewproof paper can be evenly covered in the surface of the product



Clothing,bags,accessories,small leather goods,etc


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