• TOWE Eco-Friendly Anti-Mold Sticker
TOWE Eco-Friendly Anti-Mold Sticker

TOWE Eco-Friendly Anti-Mold Sticker

The formula of the anti-mold sticker is extracted from many kinds of natural plants by biotechnology,tempered by unique fermentation technology and special formula. Made from a variety of natural vegetable oil to environmental protection but not toxic anti-mold tablets.


Anti-Mold Principle/

The TOWE environmental protection mildew proof sticker will not exert the effect according to the humidity influence.The anti-mildew factor extracted from horseradish, garlic, Australian tea tree, grape seed and other natural plant essential oil.The anti-mildew paste will produce and release a layer of anti-mildew factor decomposition microbial spore protein and effectively remove intracorporeal mildew spore when put into the box,Keep it in an environment where anti-mold factors can inhibit mold growth, ensuring that your product is properly protected.



Step 1:Remove mold proof sheet from foil bag and place in mold proof box

Step 2:Place the anti-mildew tablet in the product package and tighten the package quickly to ensure the anti-mildew effect

Step 3:Put the unused anti-mold sheets back into the aluminum foil bag, seal tightly and finish using ASAP



TOWE Environmental protection mildewproof paste is specially designed for boxed goods, especially suitable for shoe-box packing shoes, mildewproof safe and effective.The mildew proof paste is packaged with tin paper bag, which is easy to use, just paste one or more pieces in the packaging box during the final packaging process.


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