TOWE Multifunctional Mildewproof Agent

TOWE multifunctional mould inhibitor doesn’t contain formaldehyde or ammonia, which is alkaline anti-mildew and preservative,and has strong inhibition on bacteria, fungi and algae as well as anti-mildew and anti-bacterial function



1.No adverse physical and chemical reactions to the product

2.Good intermiscibility, widely used in a PH range of 4.0-10.0

3.Broad-spectrum, efficient killing of a variety of bacteria, fungi and algae

4.Mildly smell, easy to use



1.Evenly spray the product surface directly in a 15-2cm distance,can be immediately packed before it is dry

2.Good intermiscibility,Widely used in a PH range of 4.0-10.0

3.Dilution 2-3 times can also be used for warehouse disinfection and mildew prevention

4.For moldy products, you can use multi-functional mildew agent to remove mold, scrub with a sponge after spraying on the surface



Leather shoes, leather, home, coatings, adhesives, industrial additives and other alkaline systems


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