• TOWE intelligent mildew-proof dry bag
TOWE intelligent mildew-proof dry bag

TOWE intelligent mildew-proof dry bag

  • Product description: intelligent mildew-proof dry bag

Intelligent mould-proof day bag independent packed,White particles can effectively inhibit the growth of mold in sealed environment, meanwhile reduce the humidity of the environment, and the risk of mildew.

Anti-Mold Principle/

The hygroscopic material used is environmentally friendly, and its large surface area enables it to have a strong adsorption capacity, which can effectively absorb air water vapor.

The product has stable performance, and unique mildewproof and antibacterial factor are added in, which not only prevents microorganisms from growing on it, but also inhibits the growth of microorganisms in the surrounding environment. A perfect combination of moisture and mildew resistance.


The Innovative technology combines anti-mildew function and moisture-proof function, which not just can effectively inhibit the growth of mold inside and on the surface of articles, but also active strong adsorption of moisture in the environment. And make it intelligent switch according to the environment standard, such as automatically absorb moisture while it is moist, or switch bactericidal and bacteriostatic functions while it is growing microorganisms.


Shoes, Clothing, Bags, Leather, Houseware, Artware, Sports equipment, light industry,etc


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